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New National Phenology Network forecast maps available for 12 pests

The USA National Phenology Network is now releasing an improved suite Pheno Forecast maps for 12 insect pests (listed/linked below). Pheno Forecast maps show when a species is predicted to reach a life cycle stage that is managed/controlled. The forecasts are based on published growing degree day thresholds and are available up to 6 days in the future.
You can now sign up to be notified by email approximately 2 weeks, and again 6 days, before the predicted life cycle stage. Sign up here:
We are also announcing the Pest Patrol campaign, where citizen and professional observers can validate and improve the Pheno Forecasts by contributing observations to Nature’s Notebook.
Based on your feedback from last year, we added species of interest, focused on the life cycle stage (rather than treatment window), created email notifications, and added the Pest Patrol campaign.
Species Available
For more information, please contact:

Alyssa Rosemartin
Partner & Application Specialist
National Coordinating Office, USA National Phenology Network
School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona
Phone: (520) 419-2585

Photo by Greg Hume CC-BY-2.5, via Commons Wikimedia.