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Southeastern cattle could help rebuild national herd and adapt to warmer temperatures

Growing Georgia published an article earlier this week describing how cattle from the Southeast could repopulate the national cattle herd, which is at a 50-year low.  “The South accounts for only 17 percent of the herd today, but with advances in forages and relatively mild weather, the region might account…
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PINEMAP group meets to discuss impacts of climate trends on forests

The PINEMAP group is meeting in Athens, GA this week to discuss results from their research and outreach efforts for the last year.  PINEMAP stands for Pine Integrated Network: Education, Mitigation, and Adaptation Project, and is a Coordinated Agricultural Project funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture…
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Southeast Climate Consortium meets in Tallahassee

The Southeast Climate Consortium (SECC) is a group of scientists from eight major universities in the Southeast who are working together to study the impacts of climate variability and change on the Southeast, with a special emphasis on agriculture.  They are holding their spring Program Review meeting this week in…
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