Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

How does this El Niño compare so far to previous strong events?

William Schmitz of the Southeast Regional Climate Center put together a scorecard of how the rainfall conditions this winter (December to February to date) compare to previous strong El Niño events.  You can see the scorecard at  The scorecard shows that the 1997-98 event set records across the region for…
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NOAA: Drought footprint lowest since 2010

NOAA released their summary of climate conditions for January 2016 this morning.  You can read the summary at, with a link to the full report coming out later this week.  They noted that this is the lowest amount of drought in the contiguous US since 2010.   
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Cooler and drier than normal across Georgia in January 2016

Weather stations across Georgia recorded temperatures that were mainly one to two degrees below normal in January.  Most stations also reported drier than normal conditions for the month, although Atlanta and Alma were exceptions to this pattern. Temperatures across the state were below normal in January.  In Atlanta, the monthly…
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