Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Top-ten December temperatures for month to date

The Southeast has been experiencing well above normal temperatures this December so far.  The ranking map from the Southeast Regional Climate Center shows that nearly all of the stations in the Southeast are ranked in the top ten warmest Decembers for the month to date.   With warm weather expected…
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2015 year to date climate statistics

Even though we still have a few weeks to go, we are now entering the home stretch for the year in climate.  Here are some images which capture what we expect for the 2015 summary, barring any last minute extremes in weather. The maps below show the year to date…
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Long-term trend toward wetter falls may spell trouble for farmers

Sometime later this week NOAA should publish the statistics on fall climate for the US.  The maps below show the temperature and precipitation departures for the Southeast from the High Plains Regional Climate Center.  While temperatures were a bit above normal almost everywhere in the Southeast, the real story is…
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