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July 2022 mostly wetter and warmer than normal

The preliminary climate results for July 2022 show that most of the region experienced wetter than normal conditions as well as slightly above normal temperatures. South Florida was the exception with drier than normal conditions, but their temperatures were also warmer than normal. Northern Alabama was the most above normal…
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USGCRP Indicators Catalog

Indicators are observations or calculations that can be used to track conditions and trends. Indicators related to climate—which may be physical, ecological, or societal—can be used to understand how environmental conditions are changing, assess risks and vulnerabilities, and help inform resiliency and planning for climate impacts. The indicators listed include…
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NCSCO: The Tropics Come A-Colin

The North Carolina State Climate Office posted a blog story earlier this week about short-lived TS Colin, which formed near South Carolina and moved along the coast into North Carolina before it dissipated less than 24 hours after it formed. You can read more at The Tropics Come A-Colin –…
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