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NCSCO: 2022 in Review–Familiar Patterns with New Twists

The annual climate summary for North Carolina was released by the State Climate Office there today. You can read it at Be sure to look for the thermograph of Raleigh’s daily temperature compared to the popular meme about the 12 seasons of the year–very clever! And true!
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NOAA: 6th warmest year on record for the globe

This week NOAA released their annual summary of climate conditions around the globe. The summary shows that this was the earth’s 6th warmest since records began in 1880. The temperature analysis shows that in spite of some very cold temperatures in December in parts of the world, overall the only…
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Lightning climatology for 2022

If you are interested in learning about where lightning occurs most often, you will enjoy reading Vaisala’s annual report of lightning statistics based on their National Lightning Detection Network. You can access it at It shows the areas with highest lightning density by state and how it compares to…
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