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North Carolina Heat and Air Quality in 2022: Temperatures, Ozone Peaked in June

The North Carolina State Climate Office has released a new report that summarizes their heat and ozone season for 2022. You can read it at It also discusses the use of wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) for assessing athlete health and potential heat injury possibility.
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NOAA Oct 2022 climate summary: Drought extends across nearly two-thirds of the Lower 48; Mississippi River at lowest water levels in a decade

The latest monthly climate summary for the US was released today by NOAA. It shows that temperatures were in the warmest third of the record and precipitation in the lowest third of the record in October 2022. This helped spread drought conditions to nearly 2/3 of the Lower 48 states….
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October 2022 was drier and cooler than normal

As we exit October and enter November, a look back at the last month shows that across most of the region, temperatures were cooler than normal and precipitation was drier than normal in most areas but especially in the Southern Appalachians. I looked at the high and low temperatures separately…
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