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Climate Change Forum for Extension

Climate Change in Extension: Elevating and Amplifying Action, a virtual 3-day forum will take place April 19-21, 2021, starting at noon ET each day. The event will bring together Extension faculty, staff, federal representatives, administrators, interested partners, and constituents to address the question: What can/should the Cooperative Extension System do…
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NOAA: Climate change is probably increasing the intensity of tropical cyclones

Today posted a Science Brief on recent research findings about the trends in tropical storm activity due to warming ocean temperatures associated with the changing climate. They describe how cyclone intensity has been measured and how it is increasing. They also describe likely changes in the tropical atmospheric conditions…
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Video: 23 Ways to Mislead on Climate Change

Is the sun causing climate change? Is more carbon dioxide good for plants? Is a snowstorm proof that there is no global warming? Are climatologists getting paid lots of money to promote extreme climate scenarios in the future (hah)? If you get questions about climate change from people who are…
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