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NCCO: Why do the leaves change color?

Every fall, deciduous trees in the Southeast (and elsewhere in the country) change color. Every year, we get asked why. The North Carolina Climate Office has a good description at Will this year’s drought impact the leaf color in the Southeast? WSB addresses that in a recent article here.
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Inside Climate News: The History of Ancient Hurricanes is Written in Sand and Mud

Historical records of hurricanes only go back a few hundred years and are captured mainly in places where people lived in coastal areas. How do climatologists learn about hurricanes which occurred before humans were there to record their occurrence? It turns out that hurricanes leave recognizable patterns of mud and…
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Happy astronomical fall!

Today marks the autumnal equinox, the start of astronomical fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Of course climatologists already started climatological fall on September 1. For an explanation of the difference between the two definitions, check out this article from NCEI at Or else read this article from USA Today…
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