Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

New website: Climate Change for Landscape Architects

The University of Florida College of Design, Construction¬† and Planning has a new website available for landscape architects which discusses the science of climate change and strategies for adapting to warmer temperatures and rising sea levels. While it is geared for Florida landscape architects, it should contain information that is…
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Webinars of interest

Here are links to two recorded webinars on irrigation which may be of some interest to crop farmers, from the Plant Management Network. Increasing the Water Use Efficiency of Irrigated and Dryland Cotton with Cover Crops Summary:¬†Cover crops have remained a popular topic over the past few years, mainly due…
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Georgia Climate Project: How will sea level rise affect the economy of coastal Georgia?

Earlier this weekend I posted a story about the impacts of rising sea level on water supplies in Miami. This week’s question from the Georgia Climate Project Roadmap addresses how rising sea level will affect coastal Georgia. This will include not only water supplies along the coast, but livelihoods of…
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