Climate and Agriculture in the Southeast

Pig farmers rise to the challenge in Hurricane Florence

While Hurricane Michael has been in the news most recently, agricultural producers in southeastern North Carolina are still recovering from the impacts of Hurricane Florence’s heavy rainfall, which caused a lot of damage in that part of the Southeast. Farm Bureau’s Pork Business published a story recently describing some of…
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Fall migration linked to weather patterns

Now that fall has come, you will certainly notice the migration of Canadian geese, monarch butterflies, and other winged creatures headed south to warmer climates. Did you know that these migration patterns are linked to the weather? Strong winds from the north help geese put on miles quickly, for example….
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New York Times: $2.5 Billion in Storm Losses, but Don’t Ask Georgia Farmers About Climate Change

This week the New York Times published a long article looking at whether farmers in Georgia that have been affected by recent storms like Hurricane Michael are attributing the impacts from these storms to climate change. While most farmers think that they are primarily caused by year-to-year weather variations, which…
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