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Could land application of animal feedlot wastewater spread antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

An entry from the American Geophysical Union blog site in mid-August discusses the possibility of spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ABR) through wind dispersal of land-applied animal wastewater used for irrigation in drought conditions.  You can read the blog here.  Scientists are not sure about the amount of ABR naturally occurring in…
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Storm surge estimates based on historical records may be too low

If you live near the coast in the Southeast, you are no doubt aware that storm surges associated with land-falling hurricanes can cause tremendous devastation.  Storm surges from Ivan and Katrina caused tremendous damage to coastal areas.  At the same time coastlines are being developed at a rapid rate, putting…
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Fall stories

Since fall has just started, the media is full of stories about autumn colors and the difference between astronomical and climatological fall.  Here are two I thought were especially interesting. Slate magazine produced an online video which discusses why American trees produce both red and yellow leaves but European leaves…
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