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  • Video: How do climate models work?

    I ran across this useful website from Koshland Science Museum on the basics of climate science and modeling.  It has an excellent short video on how climate models work.  If you have wondered how climate models are used to make projections of future climate, you might find it helpful.  It is at  The website also…

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  • CIMSS satellite animation contest results

    If you like to watch satellite loops of interesting weather, you will enjoy the submissions for the CIMSS (Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies) for their 40th anniversary celebration.  You can see them all at

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  • Is this year’s frost earlier than usual?

    Blairsville Experiment Station in far north-central Georgia had their first frost of fall 2015 on October 17, when it got down to 30.4 F, according to the UGA weather network at Blairsville is one of the coldest parts of Georgia, and thus one of the first regions in the state to get frost.  I’ve gotten…

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  • The weather on Mars

    If you’ve seen the movie “The Martian” you know that the weather on Mars has a big part to play in setting up the story.  But what is the weather on Mars really like?  The Washington Post published an article on the subject yesterday here.  It’s both stranger and closer to Earth’s than you might…

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  • More frost on the way

    CoCoRaHS observers in Blue Ridge and Rabun Gap, Georgia, in the far northern part of the state commented on frost in their area overnight.  Sunday night into Monday morning will probably be even a little colder than last night.  The NWS has issued a series of frost advisories (light blue) and freeze warnings (dark blue)…

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  • NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio produced an article recently discussing the importance of sea ice and Arctic clouds on global climate.  If you get questions about why we should care about the changes in sea ice over time, this will provide you with some simple and useful information that you can use to explain the energy balance on…

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  • AP’s The Big Story blog posted a story yesterday on the deaths caused by the floods that recently swept South Carolina.  Ten people drowned in their cars in the Columbia SC area from October 3 to 5 as flood waters ravaged the city. “Some were going to work. Some were going to someone else’s aid.…

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