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  • Images of Greenland ice melt from a drone

    The New York Times published some spectacular pictures of the ice melting in Greenland this summer which were taken by a drone.  You can see these images at and read more about how the video was taken at the Huffington Post here. If you are interested in why the melting of the Greenland ice sheet is…

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  • Earlier this week Andrew Revkin of the New York Times posted a blog article discussing the latest carbon dioxide measurement from Mauna Loa, where records have been kept since the International Geophysical Year of 1958.  The October 19 measurement shows that the concentration of CO2 is now 398.08 parts per million.  As Northern Hemisphere winter…

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  • Historic high tides swamp the East Coast

    Along the East Coast today many roads were underwater from a combination of extremely high tides, onshore flow, remains of the flooding in South Carolina, and rising sea levels.  A number of roads were forced to close, including the access to Tybee Island along the Georgia coast near Savannah. This is the third time in…

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  • Video: El Niño explained

    If you are wondering how to explain El Niño to your kids (or your grandmother), you might enjoy this video from PBS Digital Studios on El Niño and chaos in the atmosphere at

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  • Atacama Desert in bloom

    The Atacama Desert in Chile, normally one of the driest places on Earth, was recently photographed covered by millions of pink mallows.  Heavy rains in March provided some areas with up to seven years’ worth of rain in 12 hours.  You can see pictures and read a description here.  While the story does not say…

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  • About first dates (of snow)

    Deke Arndt of the National Centers for Environment Information posted another informative (and funny) blog on first snow dates in NOAA’s blog, Beyond the Data. You can read it at In the Southeast, it is difficult to do good scientific studies of snowfall because the data are not very complete.  Snow does not fall…

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  • Here comes the remains of Patricia

    The satellite and streamline maps today show a newly developed coastal low pressure center (which spun up from the remnant circulation of former Major Hurricane Patricia) as it moves east across the Southeast today.   You can see the dynamic version of the streamflow analysis at  The swirl of winds ahead of the storm’s center…

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