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Washington Post: We looked at 1,200 possibilities for the planet’s future. These are our best hope.

Scientists use models to study how single variables can affect a complex solution in engineering, economics, and physical and life sciences. These models can be conceptual, mechanical, or computational. In terrestrial climatology, the sheer number of variables that have to be included means that computer models are the best approach…
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More rain this week, then colder weather moves in

The short-term outlook for weather conditions is for more rain to move through a lot of the Southeast, although southern Florida will not see much. The rain could come in a couple of waves, with the heaviest rain occurring in mid-week. After that, cooler and drier weather will move into…
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Reduction in drought in northern region this week

As expected, the copious rain in the northern part of our region has significantly reduced drought in those areas, with most severe (D2) drought being removed. In the southern part of the region and especially in the Florida panhandle, the severe drought remains and expanded just slightly. Western parts of…
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