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Farmers tackle changing climate

Changing climate is bringing more heat waves, droughts and flooding rains to the US. Farmers are on the front lines of dealing with this increasingly erratic weather and are trying to find new ways to adapt to the changing conditions by using their land management skills to their advantage to produce crops. Here are a couple of articles which discuss how important agricultural producers are to dealing with a warming climate and learning how to adapt to the new weather patterns.

The Southeast Farm Press posted a story this week about how North Carolina farmers are learning to work with the changing weather patterns to adapt their cropping patterns. They are also making improvements to their land management with cover cropping and other land preparation techniques that increase resiliency to the weather. You can read more here. discusses the farmers’ role in recovering from the devastating floods that occurred in the central US by using more cover crops, which allow a quicker return to planting than conventionally managed fields. Soil conservation techniques will continue to help producers make crops and protect their fields. You can read more at

Northeast Alabama farmer Will Flynt shows the difference between the root system of the subsoiled corn on left and the corn that wasn’t subsoiled on the right. Source: Southeast Farm Press