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On Februrary 23rd at 9:00 a.m. Brooks County Extension will be hosting an area training for applying auxin herbicides in Auxin -Tolerant Technologies with Dr. Stanley Culpepper.  This meeting will provide 3 hours private and/or 3 hours of commercial pesticide credits. Please refer to information below for more details. 

dicamba meeting postcardCotton and soybean varieties with tolerance to auxin herbicides (2,4-D or dicamba) are nearing commercialization. Prior to making applications of dicamba to dicamba-tolerant cotton/soybean or 2,4-D to 2,4-D-tolerant cotton/soybeans in Georgia, growers will be required to attend the training “Using Pesticides Wisely”.  The training will focus on helping applicators/growers make wise decisions when applying not only 2,4-D and dicamba but all pesticides.  Growers are strongly encouraged to bring their applicators with them.  Attendance is suggested for all on farm applicators to confirm that they are educated in best management practices when applying all pesticides. 

Growers that attended trainings during 2015, as long as they registered, are not required to attend the meeting again. However, they are welcome to attend as many times as they like.  The trainings last year resulted in 1061 Georgia growers completing the required training.  A survey conducted of these trainings noted 99% of these growers felt the training was worth their time and 98% of them felt the training would help them increase on-target pesticide applications.  Please call me if you have questions concerning your 2015 registration.








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