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2015 silage harvest

 I want to share results obtained from the Brooks County 2015 Corn Silage Variety trial.  We planted this trial on March 25th and harvested 15 weeks later on July 10th.  This year’s trial included 69 replications, 23 varieties replicated three times each. There were no significant differences in yield among planted varieties.  The varieties are ranked according to two different parameters, lbs. of milk/acre and green tons @35% moisture/acre.  We conduct this trial annually, in order to assist our Dairymen and growers with variety selection and planting decisions pertaining to silage production.  We would like to thank our cooperators, sponsors, and seed companies for their support and assistance.  All data collected is available at our office, please call or e-mail us if you would like additional copies or if you have any questions. Also, I have provided a link to view the data in its entirety.

Note* Keep in mind no significant differences were found between the varieties; ranking of varieties is from highest to lowest only.

2015 Corn Silage Data

2015 silage results