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Weed Control Update – July 16 (Prostko)

A few things to consider based upon what I am seeing and hearing in the field:

1) Field corn harvest is just about to start or will start soon depending upon the county.  Growers who have annual morningglory problems might want to consider a harvest-aid application of Roundup + Aim to help dessicate the MG vines and facilitate harvesting.  No miracles here though but best we have. Check out page 72 of 2019 UGA Pest Control Handbook for more info about rates and timings.

2) Growers should be reminded that one of the best times to help manage the weed seed bank for both Palmer amaranth and tropical spiderwort is after corn harvest.  Corn fields recently harvested and not planted to another crop should be managed with tillage and/or herbicides.  Post-harvest (corn) weed control practices are listed on page 86 of 2019 UGA Pest Control Handbook.

3)  Many peanuts fields in Georgia are now past the point where herbicides can legally be applied due to pre-harvest intervals (PHI).   Thus, growers need to pay close attention to when they planted and when they anticipate harvesting before applying herbicides late in the season.  PHI’s for all peanut herbicides are listed in the 2019 UGA Pest Control Handbook on pages 215 to 222.

4) A copy of the 2019 UGA Pest Control Handbook can be viewed or downloaded from the following location:


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