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August 2020 Crop and Disease Update, and Upcoming Animal Science Programs for Youth

Peanut rust (Puccinia arachidis) is being found in fields across our state and area. This is different from early or late leafspot. Dr. Culbreath, UGA Plant Pathologist says, “Chlorothalonil is active against rust, but is purely a protectant.  Control of rust with chlorothalonil may require a shorter application window.  Growers who…
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Pecan Update July 9, 2020

Fruit Thinning Many orchards will need fruit thinning this year. See a blog post from Lenny Wells giving details on how this process works:
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Silverleaf Whiteflies in Cotton

Whitefly populations are starting to increase, and in south Georgia have already hit threshold levels. Be ready to treat fields if they become an issue in our area. Below are guidelines for scouting and treating fields.
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Dicamba Herbicide

Just a few moments ago, the U.S. EPA released critical information on Engenia, Fexapan, and XtendiMax. The entire release can be found at Please visit the website for details; however, below are the details of the EPA’s order addressing sale, distribution, and use of existing stocks of the three…
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Pecan Irrigation

Over the last years I’ve been working with UGA and involved in pecans, I hear many ideas from new and old growers on irrigation. Some say, “don’t water the tree so the roots will be stronger.” Others have said that irrigation is what makes trees fall over during storms. Well, I won’t say that both of those statements are entirely false, but from a production standpoint we have to have irrigation.

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Peanut Soil Temperature and Soybean Rust Found

Soil temps around the state are in the high 60’s to high 70’s. In our area they are still in the 70’s. The soil should be buffered from a few hours of cold temperatures during the night time as long as we are warming back in the high 70 to…
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UPW Online Training

UPW online Training announcement 4-15-20 


Using Pesticides Wisely Training moved to online delivery April 21-23, 2020
Using Pesticides Wisely (UPW) 2020: The University of Georgia (UGA) and Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) dicamba training program will complete the 2020 sessions using online webinar delivery of materials. The decision of the U.S. EPA requires only applicators who were not trained in 2019 to be trained in 2020.

April 21,
10:00 am
Bill Tyson,
Bulloch County

April 22,
10:00 am
Raymond Joyce,
Laurens County

April 23,
10:00 am
Brian Cresswell,
Early County

April 23,
6:00 pm
Justin Hand,
Tift County


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Update on Peanut Seed Quality

“Potential Seed Quality issues in 2020 – What can I do to reduce the risk of having stand issues?” Seed Treatment -Our recommendations for aspergillus flavus and niger seedling disease: on good germ seed (85%), seed treatment probably doesn’t matter too much. On questionable seed, Rancona is better. Where Dynasty…
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