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80 Bushel Soybeans!

The high yield soybean test plot at the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Station was harvested Monday October 28 and Tuesday October 29. Pioneer 95Y71 won the trial with 80.15 bushels per acre. The variety was replicated 6 times in the trial. The yields in each rep were 82, 81,…
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High yield soybeans looking good

These are soybeans on June 27 and September 6 and October 3 in my test plot at the Vidalia Onion and Vegetable research center in Lyons. This is a high yield test trial with 4 varieties we’re working on to consistently get higher yielding soybeans. The varieties are Pioneer 95Y71 and 95Y80…
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Soybean Insects

Soybean looper populations are increasing. Stink bugs are also on the rise. Insecticide treatments will be needed in some fields. Continue to scout soybeans for late season pests. Know the difference between what worms are in your soybeans. Soybean loopers have 2 pair of abdominal prolegs, Green cloverworms have 3…
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