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Scout Peanuts for Lesser Cornstalk Boers

It’s hot and dry, which means lesser cornstalk borers (LCB) will most likely be an issue in peanuts in 2022. Lesser cornstalk borers thrive in hot, dry conditions, and they generally do very poorly in fields that receive adequate moisture, but irrigated fields are not immune from attack. We do…
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Peanut Pointers June 2022

Early to Mid-Season Irrigation for PeanutsWesley Porter, Extension Precision Ag and Irrigation Specialist, UGADavid Hall, Extension Water Educator, UGAJason Mallard, Extension Water Agent, UGA Similar to May of 2021 which was very hot and dry, we had some very hot and dry weather during Mayof 2022, dry enough that we…
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June 2022 Cotton Newsletter

Articles in this month’s issue include: June Mid-Season Irrigation Update (David Hall, Jason Mallard, Wesley Porter) June 2022 Weather and Climate Outlook (Pam Knox) Sprayer Considerations (Simer Virk, Eric Prostko, Wesley Porter) Crop Monitoring and Management (John Snider, Ved Parkash, Gurpreet Virk, Camp Hand) Agronomic Update (Camp Hand) Tarnished Plant…
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