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2018 Dicamba Label Changes and Paraquat Changes

2018 Dicamba Label Changes

Due to the recent concerns about off-target movement of dicamba, the EPA has mandated significant label changes for Engenia®, Fexapan™, and Xtendimax® for 2018.  Some of these important label changes are as follows:

1) Engenia®, Fexapan™, and Xtendimax® will now be considered Restricted Use Pesticides.

2) Growers who use Engenia®, Fexapan™, and Xtendimax® will be required to keep the following records for a period of 2 years, records must be generated within 14 days of application, and a record must be kept for every application:

  1. Certified Applicator Name
  2. Applicator Certification Number
  3. Product Name
  4. EPA registration Number
  5. Total Amount Applied
  6. Application Date
  7. Crop or site of application
  8. Location of application
  9. Size of area treated
  10. Training Requirement: Proof of auxin training
  11. Application timing: PRE or number of days after planting
  12. Receipts of Product Purchase
  13. Products Labels
  14. Buffer Requirement: record buffer distance calculation
  15. Sensitive Crop Awareness: Applicator must survey and document neighboring fields for sensitive areas or crops
  16. Spray Systems Cleanout:  Must be documented that applicator complied with label.
  17. Tank-Mix-Products: complete list of all approvedproducts that were tank-mixed
  18. Application Start and Finish Times
  19. Nozzle Selection
  20. Air Temperature:  At boom height for start and finish
  21. Wind Speed/Direction: At boom height for start and finish

*Fexapan™ and Xtendimax® minimum GPA changed to 15 gallons.
*Can only be applied when wind is between 3 MPH and 10 MPH.
*Can only be applied from sunrise until sunset.