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2017 Cotton Weed Control Programs

Controlling Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in 2017 Cotton with Liberty or Roundup + Liberty Programs

Although new auxin technologies are increasing management options for cotton growers, the use of 2,4-D and dicamba must be limited in areas where sensitive crops/plants are nearby. Liberty and auxin programs are similarly effective when growers are timely. Our focus with this circular is to help growers implement sound, sustainable programs for the control of Palmer amaranth while minimizing cotton injury without the use of auxin herbicides.

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Some growers will use the Auxin technologies. Below are guides for those also. Remember: some of the spray tips required for the auxin herbicides WILL NOT give adequate coverage for gramoxone, liberty, fungicides or insecticides.



Dicamba weed control programs

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2017 dicamba Cotton-Palmer amaranth Portrait – Jan 11

2,4-D weed control programs

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2017 2 4-D Cotton-Palmer amaranth – Jan 21 final


Here is one of the best guides on how to roll rye and plant into it for weed control in cotton Click here to view