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Leaf rust has been confirmed  in southwest Georgia in commercial wheat fields. While the incidence appears to be localized, recent weather patterns observed in the southern US can contribute to the dispersal and establishment of the disease. Additionally, we are having favorable environmental conditions for leaf rust development. THEREFORE wheat field scouting and monitoring should be implemented at this time. If leaf rust is present in your field, this warrants a fungicide application. Click on the below chart for fungicide recommendations and efficiency.

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Some of the wheat in our area is at or approaching a critical stage for fungicide application. The most effective time for fungicide application is at flag leaf emergence. Applications through heading may be beneficial, particularly for control of Stagonospora glume blotch.

For more effective and longer lasting protection a mix of a triazole and strobirulin is suggested. Remember, when rust has become established in a field, triazole fungicides tend to work the best.

These are pictures of wheat in Appling County at the flag leaf and early heading stage.






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