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Using Acid to Clean Out Drip Lines in Blueberries

How much acid can be used to clean out drip lines in blueberries? A link is provided at the bottom for a calculator to assist you. I asked Dr. Erik Smith this question and here is his response: “I used 100 meq/L for the alkalinity and the initial pH of 7.0. The final pH is the objective and the question. What is the pH needed to knock down build up in an irrigation line? If 200 ppm is used this might be too much and will drop the pH below 3.0. I am revising the 200 ppm number to 100 ppm. I also strongly suggest sampling the water to determine the meq/L or alkalinity and pH. I believe well water will be higher in alkalinity but 100 meq/L is a good number for surface water (number collected from USGS water quality information, where Georgia surface water runs 60 to 120 meq/L).

Using pH paper to determine pH of the pond water and guessing meq/L at 100 would be a good way to determine ppm for injection of sulfuric acid. Also, the calculator has a drop down list with various types and concentrations of acids.”

Example: For a 50 GPM system, injecting .64 ounces of acid per 50 gallons or 1 quart per 50 min should give you 100 PPM. This is active ingredient so that rate would change depending on if the acid is 33% OR 95%.