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Highbush blueberries are being packed wide open now. The later maturing rabbiteye variety season hasn’t started yet. Rain is slowing some picking down, but for the most part packing sheds are running strong getting blueberries packaged and shipped.




We started collecting leaf samples from one of our blueberry Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot trials. At this point, the epidemiology and life cycle of the disease have not been clarified. It is assumed that the disease has a one-year cycle and that the pathogen overwinters on or in infected bud scales and/or on or in the bark. These trials were sprayed with a dormant application of Sulforix or Lime Sulfur. We also have untreated areas. The results will be available before next season.


I’m convinced that just about anything can be on my desk on any given day. Below is a pet squirrel. He’s not my pet, though!


I looked at some young tomato plants that have spidermites. For commercial growers, Agri-Mek, Acramite, Portal, and Kanemite are all options for controlling spidermites.









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