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Most field corn is planted in the county, and now some peanut and cotton planting has begun. As Dr. Kemerait always shares, “Some of the most important decisions growers can make to protect their crop from nematodes and diseases can only be made BEFORE the furrow is closed. Once the furrow is closed, the grower watches from the sidelines as the cotton crop battles nematodes, seedling disease, Fusarium wilt, and bacterial blight. The most important tactics to protect a cotton crop from these maladies are over when the furrow is closed.” In preparation for peanut planting the same line of thought should occur. Peanut growers have a great, research-based tool in the Peanut Rx program, to evaluate risks prior to putting a seed in the ground. Now there is an interactive online Peanut Rx tool for anyone to use – https://peanutrx.org/.

Another great tool for growers is the statewide UGA Weather Station network found at: https://www.georgiaweather.net/. Individuals can select a weather station nearest the farm or location, and see current weather conditions, including: air temperature, soil temperature, rainfall, wind, etc. This can be very useful information in making planting decisions.

We are looking forward to this growing season! If someone has questions or needs more information, please contact the Worth County Extension Office at 229-776-8216.