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There are many growth stages of cotton throughout the county at this time, from emergence to blooming. Good soil moisture from recent rains and milder temperatures have our cotton crop growing. Some growers have already begun managing plant growth. As a management tool, plant growth regulators (PGRs) containing mepiquat are specifically used to reduce vegetative growth. The most consistent effect of mepiquat is the reduction of plant vegetative growth and shorter plants by shortening internode length. 

Factors to consider when determining when and how much mepiquat to use include the following: 1) stage of plant growth, 2) rate of plant growth, 3) variety growth characteristics, 4) pest control, and 5) anticipated plant growth based on field conditions. With these factors in mind, most PGR decisions will be made on a field by field basis.

In the picture below are factors to consider when making PGR decisions:

Below is a chart of Relative PGR Requirements of Cotton Varieties. Contact your seed sales representative for vegetative growth potential on certain varieties.

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