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The row crops are progressing nicely at this time. Recent rains have them growing well, and have allowed growers to slow down on irrigating. With rains, escaped weeds have also really jumped up in growth. Field activity is steady where it is not too wet to get in – side dressing, spraying, spreading gypsum, etc.

At this time conditions are very favorable for diseases. Growers should continue to check and protect the crops. Much of the corn in the county has received fungicide application for protection against Southern corn rust. Peanut producers should be on a good fungicide spray program to protect against leaf spot and white mold in peanuts.

On the insect front, there are some reports of aphids increasing in cotton fields. In peanuts, keep a watch for tobacco budworms (TBW) – I have seen TBW moths flying in peanut fields this week. Remember, peanuts can withstand a good bit of foliage feeding, especially once the canopy expands. Watch younger peanuts more closely for TBW feeding.

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