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We have been seeing a lot more spider mite activity pickup in cotton due to the hot and dry weather we have been getting. This is something to pay attention too, even in dry corners and areas the pivot does not reach.

If spider mites are present, and stink bug treatments are going out, bifenthrin is the insecticide of choice to be used in the field. This is not as harsh as Bidrin, and could help aid in keeping beneficial insects, and suppressing spider mite populations with the first application.

If fields have a bad enough case, such as 50% of the plants symptomatic and populations increasing, then abamectin is the product of choice for spider mite control. It can also be used to spot treat heavy areas if necessary, and coverage is very important with this product.

If you have any question in regards to spider mites, please give us a call at the Worth County Extension office, or by cell phone.

Spider mites on underside of cotton leaf
Spider mite adult
Spider mite adult
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