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We have been looking at peanut fields all through the county. Even though we have had some good rains, many have gotten dry recently, and irrigation is running where it can be run. Growers have been staying on a good spray schedule, but with ideal conditions, we have started seeing more white mold hits in peanut fields in the last week or so.  Having a good white mold fungicide in the spray program will help to stop or at least slow down the white mold from spreading down the row. Continue to stay on top of fungicide sprays at this time, and call us if you have a concern.

White mold mycelium (cottony) and sclerotium (BB shape).

Worth County Extension peanut maturity clinics will be starting soon. We will begin the schedule the week of August 19th. If growers need to check any peanuts for maturity before then, please give us a call at the Extension Office at 229-776-8216. We look forward to seeing you soon!