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There has been a call this week from a crop scout about squash bugs in watermelon. I have not seen any squash bug populations in watermelon fields in Worth County as of yet. It takes quite a large number to cause significant damage in watermelon or warrant treatment, but high populations can be achieved. Treatment may be warranted when runners or plants begin to die due to high populations.

Pictured below are some stages and symptoms of squash bug that can be noticed or monitored while scouting.


Squash Bug Adults                                                           Squash Bug Eggs

Squash Bug Damage to Watermelon

Photo Credits (Dr. Alton N. Sparks, Jr. University of Georgia, bugwood.org)

Dr. Sparks (UGA Vegetable Entomologist) has done some efficacy work on the squash bug which is not an easy kill. If there are high enough populations that are causing runner decline or plant death, then a tank mix of bifenthrin + Lannate(methomyl) are recommended for our best control option.