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There has been a lot of questions about weed control programs in cotton will continue to be. This is a good opportunity to discuss some of the better program options that can be used for where we are at at planting and moving into emergence. Listed below is is the recommended options from Dr. Stanley Culpepper’s research.


  1. Brake + Reflex
  2. Brake + Warrant
  3. Direx + Warrant
  4. Reflex + Direx
  5. Reflex + Warrant

Key Notes: Brake requires significant rain/irrigation to become fully active. Warrant is essential for spiderwort problems. For Direx, use lighter rate on really sandy soils or under intense irrigation. Avoid using Direx PRE if it was applied within 14 Days of planting as a burndown. Reflex mixtures are most effective for Palmer Amaranth.


Engenia or Xtendimax Systems(Dicamba)

POST 1:15 days after planting

  • Engenia  or Xtendimax + glyphosate

POST 2: 15 days after POST 1

  • Engenia or Xtendimax + glyphosate

Enlist DUO or Enlist One Systems(2,4D)

Post 1: Enlist DUO or Enlist One + glyphosate or Enlist One + Liberty

Post 2: Enlist DUO or Enlist One + glyphosate or Enlist One + Liberty

3-way mixes with an added residual such as Dual Magnum improves weed control but more injury occurs with leaf shed and 25% injury has been noted. 

You want to make all POST’s before 8-leaf cotton.

Layby or Hooded Sprayer: 

  • Direx + MSMA(best for pigweed) or Roundup + Direx (best for grasses and pigweeds) are great directed options; add Envoke to improve morningglory control.


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