Today is Weed Your Garden Day!

Why should we think about weeding a garden on a water website? Weeds use water that would otherwise be used by your wanted plants.

“Weeds can inhibit garden plants from growing, as they compete with them for sunlight, nutrients, and water. A weed can be defined as anything that wasn’t purposely planted but began growing anyway. Weeding should be done on a daily basis, but on Weed Your Garden Day, an extra five to ten minutes of weeding should be done. Your plants will be a little happier.”

 Helpful tips on reducing weeds in your garden:

  • Cover the soil along rows and between plants with mulch. (Mulch helps conserve water and build soil organic matter).
  • It is okay to plant your plants closely together to leave less room for weed growth.
  • Have soil weed-free before planting.
  • Make sure you do not let any of the weeds go to seed.
  • Keep the edges of your yard mowed low to lessen the invasion of weeds onto your property and into your garden.

Ensuring your garden is weed-free can help improve nutrient and water availability for the wanted plants.



*Picture Credit: Oconee County 4-H Raised Bed Garden by Beth Lunsford