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Soil, Hydrology and On-Site Waste Treatment

Last Monday (May 8, 2017), 25 Environmental Scientist with the Department of Public Health and from across Georgia arrived at the UGA CAES J. Phil Campbell REC to learn about Soils, Hydrology and On-Site Wastewater Treatment.  During the week long class, they learned about Soils and Water Movement, as well as Soil Morphology and Classification from Dr. Bill Miller, Hydrology and Drainage from Dr. David Radcliffe, Soil Interpretations and Soils Related to on-site waste treatment from Phil Freshley and then had an exam on Friday.  In the middle of all of this, they had field trips to conduct soil borings to help classify sites for on-site waste treatment, classified soils from pits and make suggestions on suitability of siting on-site waste treatment systems.

These pictures show the participants getting some instruction from Phil on finding the different soil horizons in this pit and classifying the soils by color and texture.

Dr. Miller, Radcliffe, and myself along with Mr. Freshley work with the Department of Public Health (DPH) to provide training related to on-site waste treatment which will help the environmental scientist with DPH be better prepared to approve septic tank installations and protect water quality.