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Dry Conditions for Georgia

Pam Knox posted on her blog site that drought conditions has been increasing in Georgia over the month of July.  The complete story can be seen on her Blog site under the heading July 2016 so far very hot and dry in most of Southeast.

I direct you to this article from a water resources viewpoint.  As the conditions continue to increase where supplemental water will be needed for crops and landscapes in the form of irrigation, those using irrigation should check the systems to make sure as much water as possible is getting to the crop or landscape.  At this time of the season major changes will more than likely not occur, however, making minor fixes can save many gallons of water.

Some examples would be:

1.  Repair any leaks at joints on center pivot or solid set irrigation systems.

2013 Broken Irrigation Head_Worth County_1        Capture of leaking pipe

2.  If the end gun is spraying water into trees then repair the end gun shut-off

3.  For home irrigation systems, if a sprinkler head is broken, replace the sprinkler head.

4.  For home irrigation systems, conduct a simple irrigation audit to make sure water is being delivered evenly so over watering does not have to occur.

These are a few simple things that can be done now, and there are many more, to get water applied at the correct spot and not waste water as the conditions for drought increases in the SE.