Tift County Extension Producer Updates

Bermudagrass Stem Maggot

You may have noticed that your hayfield looks like it has been through a frost but there has been no frost present in this hot weather. What you are seeing is bronzing. Bronzing is a result of chlorosis and necrosis in the top two to three leaves of your bermudagrass….
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2019 Southeastern Hay Contest

It’s time again for producers from all around the Southeast to compete for who has the best hay/baleage around! Winners of the 2019 Southeastern Hay Contest will be announced on the first day of SUNBELT AG EXPO October 15, 2019 The GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the Southeastern Hay Contest (Overall Highest RFQ) will receive the choice of…
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2019 Corn Silage & Forage Field Day

UGA and UF will hold the Corn Silage & Forage Field Day on June 20th at the Tifton Conference Center (RDC). This field day is free of charge with lunch provided. If you currently are in a forage system or are considering it, this is a good way to get some current information from our specialist.
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