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Weekly County Update 8/02/2019

I spent this past weekend in Hiawassee at the Georgia Cattlemen’s Summer Conference. It was great! No gnats and it was about 60° every morning. During the conference, I was able to meet with cattle producer across the state and gain some insightful knowledge on what is up and coming…
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Row Crop Disease Update 7/10/2019

Most important thing is to watch the potential development and buildup of a tropical system in the northern Gulf of Mexico that could bring storms to us late in the week.  While the extent and impact of the development of the system is unclear now, it could have significant impact…
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Southern Corn Rust Found

Dr. Bob Kemeriat has confirmed our first southern corn rust in Georgia for this season. Late to arrive, but it’s here now and weather conditions are favorable for it to spread.  Only one field is known (Baker County) but it could easily be anywhere in SW Georgia. Any corn not…
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