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Bermudagrass Stem Maggot

You may have noticed that your hayfield looks like it has been through a frost but there has been no frost present in this hot weather. What you are seeing is bronzing. Bronzing is a result of chlorosis and necrosis in the top two to three leaves of your bermudagrass….
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Stink Bugs in Cotton

I was talking with Dr. Phillip Roberts yesterday and he was telling me that stinkbug populations may be higher than we have observed in recent years. Once plants begin setting bolls you need to begin monitoring for internal damage. Scout bolls approximately the diameter of a quarter. Bolls of this…
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Lesser Cornstalk Borers in Peanuts

Lesser Cornstalk Borers (LCB) is one of the most damaging insects to peanuts. LCB is a caterpillar pest that bores into peanut stems, crowns, and pods. Feeding can reduce yield and directly increase the risk of aflatoxin. Right before this little period of rain showers that we are currently experiencing…
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