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2,4-DB Chart

Dr. Prostko created this really neat chart to show the differences in the different brands of 2,4-DB. DB is really popular and fairly inexpensive chemistry to help us fight weeds in our peanuts.

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Weekly County Update 5/22/2020

Peanuts: It rained this week so I’m sure some Valor injury is going to start showing up. Dr. Prostko has years worth of research that shows peanuts that suffer injury from Valor at 3oz /A will very likely recover with no effects on final yield. Some are ready for cracking…
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Cold Weather and Planting Peanuts

Here are some tips for the cold front moving through this weekend. If you are dryland and you are afraid of losing needed moisture then I would go ahead and plant If you are irrigated, you could hold off until the cold front moves out. If you have questionable seed…
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