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Weekly County Update 8/23/2019

I worked in the rain this week for the first time in a long time. We even got a few drops in Brookfield. Scott and I took Dr. Emran Ali (Molecular Biologist) around the county collecting water samples for Phytophthora research. He still needs samples if you would like to have your pond tested, just let us know.

Peanuts: We will start checking maturity on Monday, August 26th at Tifton Peanut Plant 2. I don’t know of any serious peanut rust outbreaks but it is in UGA trial plots. Keep in mind that within 3-4 weeks of digging a “clean” field your need for fungicide drops. Within 2 weeks of digging a diseased field your need for fungicide drops.

Cotton: April and early May cotton has progressed far enough to be unattractive to most insects. Later planted cotton is still lush and green and attractive to pest. Stinkbugs have been extremely variable this year. Some fields are heavy with stinkbug pressure and some have very little pressure. People are still spraying for whiteflies. Be aware if you have whiteflies (you probably do) as this will help you decide on what insect sprays to use if you have stinkbug or spider mite problems. Recent rain will slow down whitefly populations but it will not stop them. Areolate mildew has been confirmed in Colquitt and Dooly counties. This shouldn’t trigger an automatic spray. If you are 3-4 weeks away from defoliation you are probably safe. If we find areolate mildew and you need to spray for it, Priaxor is best and Azoxystrobin works well too.

Cattle: I am working on an innovation grant with several other agents around the state. We are trying to collect forage samples. If you grow hay/baleage and would like it tested I can get you a reduced price on the sample if you fill out a 2 min survey about your hay/baleage. Forage samples are normally $20. If you have hay/baleage and would like it tested I can do the same for you. There is a possibility that I can get some forage sample for free. I am still working on that. If you would like yours sampled please let me know.

Pecans: SE Georgia Pecan Field Day

August 28, 2019:  8 AM-Noon lunch

Location: Parker Brothers Farm, 334 Veal Camp Rd., Baxley, GA

Contact Appling County Extension Office for details 912-367-8130


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