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  • Statewide Corn Variety Testing Data 2016

    UGA’s statewide variety testing is very important to the farmers of Georgia. Making the right decision when selecting plant variety is key to maximize yield potential.

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  • EPA Comment Period Regarding Chlorpyrifos

    See the below letter from Dow regarding the EPA comment period: This is the last opportunity for growers to have their voice heard by the EPA. The public comment period will close on January 17, 2017.

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  • Agricultural Lime and By-Product Limes

    Agricultural limestone is the main product used to adjust soil pH. However there are also a number of lime by-products such as wood ash and various materials coming out of pulp/paper mills available. How does a farmer know if a lime by-product is sufficient to use on their crop land and if it is worth the money they are paying?  To answer that, let’s take a look at what lime is and what types of characteristics make products good to use to raise soil pH.

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  • Late Planting of Winter Annual Forages

    Will planting winter annual forages this late pay off? Take a look at this publication to weigh your options.

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  • Southeastern Hay Directory Service

    UGA’s Feed and Environmental Lab puts together a Hay Directory for producers to advertise on and find high quality hay for feeding their livestock. With the severe drought we have experienced this season it may be a useful tool for many.

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  • Forage Team Newsletter

    The UGA Extension Forage Team puts out newsletter quarterly. The team is made up of specialists and county agents with expertise in animal science and related topics. Many of the topics are informative and timely.

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  • Harvest Season

    I began writing a post on peanuts nearly three weeks ago. As I come back to it now most of the decisions to be made on harvest are done. So I will take a few minutes to wrap some things up.

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  • Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program

    I am sure most of you have seen this posted online and in magazines already but to make sure. Here is the FSA Fact Sheet for the newly announced Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program.

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  • Many of you have already received notification of changes at the Farm Service Agency Office. Below is the announcement:

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  • Peanut Farmers

    As farmers around the county are wrapping up peanut planting our focus begins to switch. Over the next few weeks growers will be looking at their next step in peanut weed control. The May 25th Article from Southeast Farm Press sends a great message to peanut growers. I felt like it was worth posting again on this Blog: You can view the original article here.

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