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Where in Jeff Davis County?

So the last post on “Where in Jeff Davis County” got some talk but I got no calls. Jeff Davis County residents don’t be shy! Call our office at 912-375-6648 and let me know if you recognize the place in the picture.

The post on May 22nd was of the old Spell Commissary, though I am sure it had many different uses over the years. You can find it on Spell Still road. It is much easier to see in the winter when there are not as many vines growing on the fence in front of it. Some of the folks I have talked to say that the Mason’s use to meet on the top floor of the structure.

So here goes for picture number two: Give me a call if you can tell me where it is, what it is and whose place it is or once was. First correct answer gets you a prize from Davis Farm and Garden!