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Where Do We Go From Here?

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about the long-term effects of the Hurricane on our pecan trees and the pecan crops we can expect in the next few years. Until recently our state has not had to endure the after-effects of a direct hit by a major hurricane. The…
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A Dreary Harvest Continues For Some

Now that it appears our two consecutive weeks of rain may have ended, growers who did not sustain devastating damage from Hurricane Michael will continue harvesting after the ground dries out a bit. This kind of rain has not likely been helpful to the quality of the nuts still on…
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Prepare for Hurricane Michael Cleanup

As we all prepare for Hurricane Michael’s arrival we hope things do not turn out as bad as they appear. At this time, the storm’s forecast takes a direct route through the heart of Georgia’s major pecan production region as a hurricane or strong tropical storm when it arrives. In…
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