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  • Best Practices: Fall Gardening

    UGA Vegetable Garden Calendar UGA Fall Garden Resources Vegetable Planting Chart

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  • Elevated Equine: Feel the Heat

    You’re dripping sweat from cleaning stalls and it’s only 8:30 a.m. Welcome to summertime in Georgia. As the sun gets higher, so does the temperature and we all know out horses begin hunting the trees and shade. Horse will often adjust on their own to the heat and rising temperatures, but owners still need to…

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  • Best Practices: Backyard Flocks

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  • Bluebird Basics

    In the past 2 years, I have found a love for Eastern Bluebirds. I have a pair that is currently nesting in my backyard among our blueberry bushes and under a giant oak. I get so much joy from seeing them go in and out of the nesting box and periodically checking for eggs and…

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  • As many people are trying to get back to a more sustainable way of life, dairy goats are a great way to find your homestead roots. Unlike dairy cows who would require more land, feed and care, dairy goats are small, easy to handle, and easy to house. In this multi-part series of homesteading backyard…

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  • The Leading Rein March 2021

    The shorter days, frigid weather and the inevitable winter mud are all behind us as Spring is approaching. Time for pasture management, new foals and big horse show goals for the upcoming 2021 season. This issue helps horse owners prepare for all things Spring. Gather how to stay ahead of weeds in your pasture and…

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  • Pesky Pet Pests

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  • Grow Your Own Vegetable Transplants

    Written by Randy Drinkard, Bartow County Extension Agent Have you ever thought about growing your own tomato, pepper or other vegetable plants from seed? Well, if so, now is the perfect time to get started growing your transplants for setting out later this year in the garden. Growing your own transplants can be rewarding, but…

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  • Winter Potted Plant Care

    As temperatures drop, the amount of care for your winter potted plants increases. Don’t let that scare you, because following these simple tips will ensure you have great color all winter. First, check your pots to ensure that water can drain. If water is pooling in the pots, then it might freeze and damage the…

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  • Lewis Banks of Mansfield, GA was named the 2020 Georgia County Agents Association Outstanding Young Farmer. He and his wife, Brittany, have two small children, Caroline and Brett. Lewis saw an opportunity to make a living operating a sustainable farm by bringing together the farming knowledge passed onto him from his father and the latest…

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