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  • Did you get a question about a landscape plant at a help desk that requires some additional research? Maybe you were asked to identify a tree on a local neighborhood street that you are not familiar with? When faced with these situations, it is helpful to turn to books like Michael A. Dirr’s Manual of…

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  • Speaking About Speakers’ Bureau

    As a Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer, you have partnered with UGA Cooperative Extension as a community volunteer educator. So, what’s one of your many outlets that can be used to extend research-based horticulture knowledge into the community? Speakers’ Bureau! This project was addressed in the June Facebook Fest on the Georgia Master Gardener Program…

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  • Planting MGEV Knowledge

    What is a plant clinic or a Master Gardener help desk? At their core, these are public assistant stations staffed by volunteers armed with gardening and horticulture knowledge imparted to them by UGA Extension. A plant clinic was the very first Master Gardener project in Washington state in 1974. Extension agents concocted the idea to…

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  • Phenomenal Pollinators

    Pollinator gardens are valuable community gardens, education centers for all ages, and unique outdoor laboratories. They educate visitors about pollinators, their life cycles, and their food preferences at each life stage. Not only are they diverse in their plant life and the pollinators they attract, but they also function to attract audiences of all ages.…

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  • What’s this about a Facebook Fest?

    On April 1 (no joke!), we offered the first Facebook Fest for the Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program. Our first topic was launching MGEV trainees. Through a series of pictures and questions, we were working to have a conversation about how local programs plan to engage new MGEV trainees in local projects. This conversation…

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