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Last week’s Thoughtful Thursday webinar session took place on October 18, 2018. Sheri Dorn, State Program Coordinator, discussed ProjectMapIt! The project is designed to put MGEV projects on a Georgia map. Visualizing what we are doing where can really help bring meaning to our work. It allows us to tell a more compelling story than just hours or miles alone, and allows for MGEVs to join in the storytelling process. During this webinar, Sheri was joined by DeKalb County MGEV Columbus Brown, Floyd County MGEV, Ginny Word, and Henry County MGEV, Laura Parks, who have complete the online ProjectMapIt! survey. They shared about the projects on which they reported; a community garden, a workshop series, and a symposium. To learn more and participate in ProjectMapIt!, check out the details in this Trellis blog post.

While discussing successful workshops, Floyd County MGEV, Ginny Word, shared an outline detailing the steps in planning and coordinating workshops designed to educate the public in various horticulture topics. To view the recording of this Thoughtful Thursday session and hear from Columbus, Ginny, and Laura on the importance of coordination and communication for project success, log into MGLOG and visit the Thoughtful Thursday video archives on your MGEV MGLOG Home Page.


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