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If you are one of the many folks training this winter to become a Georgia MGEV, welcome! I am so glad that you are joining Extension in the terrific business of addressing consumer horticulture education in communities all across Georgia. We have so much fun sharing what we know with others so that they, too, can benefit from plants, gardening, and landscapes.

Since you are new to the MGEV program, there are a few details that I encourage you to gather. Finding these pieces of information and keeping them in one place will help you as you go forward.

What Should You Know?
UGA Extension County Office webpage:
Office Phone Number:
Office Email Address:
Contact Info for the Extension Agent(s) and Support Staff
Available Office Resources
Event Calendar — where is it?


  • Take time to explore the projects that are being conducted locally. There is a project list within MGLOG that includes the MGEV in charge of the project. Find out what projects align with your skills and/or interests.
  • Find a buddy. Having a partner with whom you volunteer, such as a classmate or a mentor, could make you more comfortable when volunteering on a project. You can encourage each other, ask questions, and share the experience.
  • Consider volunteering on several different projects. You’ll most likely meet and get to know more MGEVs by volunteering on multiple projects. Larger projects may offer more hours for volunteering, while smaller projects offer defined times, locations, and tasks.
  • Set goals and monitor progress. It seems like a year is plenty of time to complete 50 hours of service, but it can slip past you! Consider setting goals, such as completing 10 hours by May 1, 20 hours in June, or even 3 hours this week. Then, find volunteer opportunities that help you meet that goal. Don’t forget to record your hours in MGLOG!

Best wishes for a successful and rewarding experience! Remember that your agent or coordinator is there for support. If you have questions or concerns, give them a call or send them an email. They’ll be glad to help!

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