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Resources for GA MGEVs

Today, we are celebrating the MGEVs who help Extension do what it does best – help people find solutions to their problems! These are MGEVs who serve on the Extension Help Desk, a literal desk in the Extension office set up to receive questions related to lawns and gardens. They greet the public in the Extension office and listen to client concerns. Then, they use their training and knowledge to find solutions.

MGEVs are trained to analyze samples and offer possible solutions. As they gain experience, they become quite knowledgeable about insect, disease, and cultural problems that affect home landscapes and gardens. Answering the question on the phone or speaking with someone who has come to the office may involve research, or talking with a UGA Extension Specialist. Many Extension offices have designated spaces for MGEVs to use resource materials, a microscope, phone, and computer to research questions and get answers. Posted hours for the Help Desk vary with local demand and can be as few as one morning a week or as many as five days a week.

Other MGEVs may support a plant clinic, which is a mobile help desk that is set up out in the community. Usually held at a public venue, such as a library, farmers’ market, or local retail store, plant clinics allow MGEVs to go into the community and help clients directly. MGEVs answer questions, troubleshoot homeowner plant problems, accept soil samples, and provide UGA Extension resources. Not only do MGEVs help UGA Extension extend service to communities all across Georgia, but they are also able to share environmentally sound horticulture practices with the community.